Diabetic Dermopathy Symptoms

Diabetic dermopathy is a skin condition which is found on lower legs of diabetic people. This is a skin complication which can cause due to diabetes. Usually people over 60 are in threat of having diabetic dermopathy if they have diabetic which controlled poorly. If you suffer with diabetic for more than 10 to 20 years and if you are in mature age, then you are in risk of having diabetic dermopathy. So here are some of the symptoms which shows you are suffering with this skin condition called as diabetic dermopathy. These can be appearing on your shins, thighs, sides of the feet and forearms too.

Diabetic dermopathy symptoms

If you are going to affect by diabetic dermopathy, initial symptoms are patches on your skin. These patches can be in different colours than your normal skin which includes brown, pink or even red. These patches are usually oval shape or round and slightly scaly. There may have number of such spots on your lower leg or other places such as thighs and forearms and spread into big whole area if untreated. In rare cases, these patches can be itchy and can become open sores too.

How to treat diabetic dermopathy

Diabetic dermopathy symptoms

Usually diabetic dermopathy patches are harmless and these patches will fade away with time. The best treatment to prevent such patches is to control your diabetic and blood sugar. When you control your blood sugar, that will help to get rid of diabetic dermopathy and these patches will fade away.Keep your skin moisturized and avoid scratching such areas. Get your doctor’s advice to control diabetic and avoid such symptoms!

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