Bricraft RFID Blocking Wallet #Review

RFID blocking feature is the newest technique to avoid identity thefts and other such issues. This is why RFID blocking wallets are becoming much popular. As RFID blocking wallets comes with extra safety, I am happy to receive such a wallet from Bricraft. After using it for few days, here is my review and experience. If you are thinking of buying a wallet with rfid blocking feature, then this wallet review can be helpful for you.

Bricraft RFID blocking wallet

#Review – Bricraft RFID blocking wallet

This tri-fold rfid blocking wallet is really spacious. It comes with many slots that is good enough to keep all the necessary cards. Other than the card slots, there is a compartment for coins with a zip. So, coins are secured inside the zipped compartment. There is also a slot for cash notes.

Bricraft RFID blocking wallet

With rfid blocking feature, this wallet saves me from identity thefts. I am having relaxed mind after I start using this wallet simply because I don’t have to worry about identity theft matters. You know that what can be done with identity thefts!

This Bricraft RFID blocking wallet is gorgeous and I can use it for any place without worrying about the style. It matches with any outfit. Other than the gorgeous style, this wallet is made of 100% genuine leather.

Bricraft RFID blocking wallet


As a quality and durable wallet that also comes with RFID blocking feature, you can consider having such wallet for extra safety and to prevent identity thefts.

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