Senior Health: 10 Tips On Active Ageing

It is not a secret that as we age, our bones become weaker, our mind loses its sharpness, and our skin becomes wrinkled along with other irreversible changes in our body. This is one truth about old age. Now, before you go on feeling sorry for yourself because you’ve reached the 60-year mark, hold it. There is a good news for you and I. Ageing doesn’t have to look and feel this awful.

Ways To Achieve Active Ageing

According to experts, mobility is the key factor of active ageing. The term refers to a person’s ability to move in his environment with ease and no restrictions. To better understand it, think about a time when you were a kid. You simply wake up from sleep, hop off the bed, run around the house and play. You didn’t worry a little about an aching body part or the likes. Alright, so older adults might think that mobility decreases with age. While it is true, there are surely precautions to take so you can maintain or better yet improve your mobility. You have the power to change the way old age looks and feels. Pick your choice.

Ways To Achieve Active Ageing

These activities will help you improve your balance, mobility, flexibility, strength, and of course, longevity. Make sure you perform any or all of these activities regularly.

1. Exercise Daily

This first tip is a no-brainer. We all know how important regular exercise is in keeping our body healthy. Do you know that doing a 20-minute exercise daily decreases the mobility issues that accompany ageing? Do whatever physical activity that you love doing. Take a walk, ride a bike, dance, or go hiking. You can even follow an online exercise video even inside your bedroom.

2. Do Stretching Every Day

If you start feeling sore and stiff, then you gotta do something about it. Taking 5-10 minutes a day to stretch your body parts is beneficial for you. Your joints tighten and your ligaments shorten if you don’t do daily stretches.

3. Exercise Even When You Sit

Ways To Achieve Active Ageing

Do you know that exercise, prolonged sitting, and premature death are linked to each other? In case you haven’t heard, the modern counterpart of smoking a pack of cigarette a day is sitting for long periods of time. Now, if you think this leads to getting your dose of daily exercise, you are right. However, stop your thoughts of not being able to do so because of your already limited mobility and balance. There is such a thing as chair aerobics. Trying this routine will help improve your overall mobility, which is good for your health and wellness.

4. Try Aqua-Fit Classes

If you want to add an element of fun to your exercise routine, try aqua-fit classes. Exercising in a swimming pool does not put strain on your joints. In fact, the resistance of the water also helps build those muscles. Plus, aqua-fit exercises are good for your heart. Likewise, it also boosts your mobility and overall strength.

5. Reward Yourself with Massage

The more sedentary your lifestyle is, the more you need regular massage. Targeted massage re-awakens the mobility of your body. Massage relaxes your muscles and reduces your tension. This leads to your ligaments and joints becoming more flexible and mobile.

6. Hire A Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer is a well-worthy investment. Doing so will ensure that you are in your best form as you age. A personal trainer keeps you on track and designs a personalised program that suits your mobility and limitations. Your health and fitness journey will never get boring because there is somebody to guide you. Plus, the trainer can answer all your questions about health and fitness.

7. Dance

Dance is not just a form of exercise. It is also a good outlet to release tension and stresses that we all get to experience in life. When you dance, you are encouraging the production of happy hormones called “dopamine” and “serotonin”. Notice how good you feel inside, out after grooving.

8. Drink Red Wine

As we get older, we no longer find joy in staying up late at the bar, having a booze ’til we drop. Its effects are just unpleasant and unnecessary for the increasing needs of our ageing bodies. However, you can still get a little tipsy while enjoying a range of health benefits. Drinking a glass of red wine after dinner is the answer. Drinking red wine promotes the secretion of the hormones called endorphins. These are the very reason why you get that “feel-good” vibes after finishing a glass of wine. Don’t you just think this is enough motivation for you to get off the couch? Additionally, you can enjoy a glass of wine in social engagements, which will also make you feel good about your body.

9. Play with Your Grandkids

Ways To Achieve Active Ageing


Your overall happiness also contributes to active ageing. Often, we don’t have to seek for happiness outwards. The truth is, happiness can be found in your very own circle. Having some down time? Why not gather your grandkids and play with them? Your bonding with your little kins doesn’t have to be strenuous. It can be as simple as ball catching, playing hide-and-seek and the likes.

10. Walk The Dog

This active ageing idea may seem basic, but this can actually make you more mobile. If you love dogs and you are just starting with your exercise routine after a long time, this is a good activity do do. Take you dog for a walk at the park. Not only are you exercising according to your own pace, but you are also making yourself feel good with the company of your pet while people-watching at the same time. Plus, the fresh air will help promote better blood and oxygen circulation. Do this at least 30 minutes each day and see the difference it brings to your general health.

These are just some of the many tips on active ageing that you can start incorporating in your daily life right now. After all, it’s the New Year, so better develop new healthy habits. Watch out for more tips on active ageing and aged care news in Australia.


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